From zero to (AI) hero. Can you become a QA with ChatGPT as a mentor?

Have you ever had problems solving complicated programming or testing problems? Have you struggled trying to find a mentor who would help you develop your skills and guide your QA path? What if you could use AI to your advantage and solve these problems? Let’s perform exploratory testing on Chat GPT and see how good a mentor it is!

Some IT professionals fear AI might be taking over their tasks and jobs one day. Others argue that the real competition will be people knowing how to use AI. It is high time to learn more about the current state of AI and get some ideas for using it at work. There is a broad spectrum of AI abilities in the QA field, but – in this talk – we will focus on the prospect of GPT becoming a mentor for juniors and helping grow the next generation of mids and seniors, taking into consideration how challenging it is to train people.

In the demo, we will explore whether it’s possible to become a test engineer (e.g. make the transition from a tester who only performs manual tests to an automation test engineer) using Chat GPT as one’s mentor and teacher. Let’s look at the possibilities to generate learning roadmaps and tips on how to learn to code for test automation! Then we will look at some code examples and explore how ChatGPT can help learn to code at a lower level. Finally, we will look at the higher level: learning how to use test automation frameworks, how to organize the code following design patterns or how to configure test automation solutions.

The talk will also aim to identify some of Chat GPT’s flaws and downsides. We will try to find ways of identifying when it is wrong and detecting when it is not telling the truth. There will be a chance to reflect on how to use it efficiently to obtain what we need, formulate the right questions (prompts) and avoid receiving “hallucinating” answers.