Paweł Suchołbiak

Paweł Suchołbiak

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Switzerland

Hey there, testing enthusiasts! I’m Paweł Suchołbiak, a seasoned Software Engineer in Test with a passion for exploring the endless realms of software development. Currently, I hold the position of Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Switzerland.

With over a decade of diverse experience under my belt, I’ve journeyed from the aviation industry to the thrilling world of finance 😉 My expertise spans various domains, including Performance, DevOps, and Security, keeping me on my toes and continuously learning.

Do you know what sets me apart? I’m the guy who fearlessly asks seemingly stupid questions because I believe curiosity breeds innovation. Learning is my lifeline, and I’m always on the lookout for discoveries.

You’ll probably find me brainstorming improvements or whipping up some mouthwatering dishes in my kitchen when I’m not refining my tests. And hey, let’s not forget my adventurous side! I’m a sports enthusiast, embracing skiing, running, cycling, hiking, and climbing to keep that adrenaline pumping – enjoying what Switzerland has to offer.

So, join me at TestWarez 2023, where we’ll dive deep into the area in between VCS and Performance Testing while sharing hearty laughs and scrumptious tales. Can’t wait to meet you all!