Remigiusz Dudek

Remigiusz Dudek

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer w Klika-Tech

An Agile testing trainer and a member of a mature Agile team, for years working on assuring quality not only of a software but also quality of a software development process. Together with his team, he’s made a jurney from SCRUM to Kanban. This experience tought him that every stiff rule has its price and needs to be not only thoroughly understood by those upon whom it is imposed, but also should be constantly revisited by those who impose it.

In his career he worked on various positions: a developer, tester, test leader, project manager, QA Engineer. Such variety of experience gives him an opportunity to look at a given problem from many perspectives and choose an optimal solution.

Working for over a decade in an IT industry has led him to a conclusion that the most effective blocker for implementing new ideas is not technology but people’s resistance to do things in a way, that is different to what they’ve been doing for years. That is exactly the purpose why he’s decided to take part in various conferences and meet-ups, to familiarize other people with new approaches but also to test his own resistance to change.

Currently, he’s been working on a position of a Senior QA Engineer, assuring quality in various companies for over 15 years.

When it comes to software design he tends to agree with a bit paraphrased Einstein’s quote:
„If you can’t design it simply, you don’t understand your business domain well enough”.
Having that in mind,  he’s been dwelling into Domain Driven Design approach for few years.