Szymon Sadowski

Szymon Sadowski

Team Lead Software Engineering at Sabre Corporation

I am a software engineer with 6 years of professional experience with a strong background in Java development, React.js and cloud technologies. I believe in three things. The first one: that coding should be fun. Second one: That coding should be considered an art (which means you can’t rush it!). And the third one is that sharing knowledge and experience is one of the best ways of providing value to the entire society!

I have worked in 3 companies in my career: Reality Games, Nokia and Sabre. I have an overview of a broad spectrum of modern technologies, having worked in various domains and technology stacks.

I worked in teams, where I served in the role of a tech lead for dozens of less-experienced colleagues, which sparked my passion for transferring knowledge (which I’m carrying on ever since!).

In my spare time, I try to contribute to open-source projects. I am also interested in literature, sport and hiking.