An Introduction to Load Testing in Real-World Projects

(Bilety na warsztat wyprzedane).

– It’s going to be an hands-on Workshop in the Bring Your Own Laptop style – We will try to set up as much infrastructure as possible for each participant, but probably some set up will be required from everyone. – We will be working on a real life use case we faced with performance of Jira in Atlassian, and will show how we approached it from planning to execution – We will show some of our internal tooling in Atlassian – It will be interactive session where everyone’s view and experience will be valuable and will contribute to our collective mind map – We will share our own experiences, best practices and pitfalls to avoid – We will show that performance testing to be successful requires cooperation between all team members – we can show benefits and limitations of Record & Playback tools – We will be writing test scripts in Gatling in Java but it won’t be `Gatling tutorial’ rather than an example how to implement performance testing development into practice. – We will Implement simple scenario for isolated API based test case – including Basic of Gatling & perf tests development, Monitoring – of tests execution, CI integration and Automatic alerting -We have repository set up with all the examples so that it will be easy for everyone to jump into specific point during the workshop in case they are „”lost”” In practice, we’ll begin by exploring attendees’ experiences and opinions, working through our agenda. Our aim is to gather diverse perspectives and demonstrate that there are often multiple paths to achieve a goal. We plan to use a virtual board (Mural) to create a mind map with all the comments and ideas. Alongside this, we’ll provide participants with exercises to perform, such as setting up tools or writing code. One of us will work alongside participants on the laptop, while the other will offer explanations and assistance in case of any issues.