Test Design Optimisation

(Bilety na warsztat wyprzedane).

The process of quality assurance and testing consists of test cases that are based upon requirements or user stories. To achieve the required level of coverage a certain number of tests must be executed, but these test suites typically contain redundancy. Traditional approaches to testing have proven to be inefficient, time-wasting and extends deployment timelines. It isn’t a secret that due to resource and time constraints, test creation and execution are usually squeezed, resulting in the validity of test coverage to become questionable. Traditional approaches add further risk to projects where defects are found in production. The impact of a severe production defect can be catastrophic. How should organisations change the approach? What are the practical solutions to address these challenges? Join our workshop where EY Quality Engineering consultants will share knowledge and demonstrate through guided examples how Test Design Optimisation through pairwise techniques can be implemented within your organisation.