Everything as Code – test distribution with K8s and Testkube

Quality Pipelines providing instant and complete feedback are crucial for modern products – that’s how to always be up to date with the current product quality state. A diverse set of automated tests can detect possible issues, validate critical functionalities, and, in the end, build confidence in the product’s quality. But that’s also what can quickly make Quality Pipelines complex and complicated. All of these different test types need to be implemented and then maintained.

And what about execution infrastructure? Creating it from scratch can even become more time-consuming than actual test implementation! That’s where Testkube comes in. It’s an open-source tool that simplifies the distribution of the tests to Kubernetes clusters. It offers a unified approach to test orchestration and execution, abstracting away various testing frameworks and tools. By utilizing Kubernetes-native Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), Testkube can leverage the scalability and reliability of Kubernetes for test-specific purposes. Additionally, Testkube CRDs enable the management of all testing resources in a GitOps manner.

During the talk, you will learn how to set up Testkube and configure various test types (examples for Cypress, Postman, and K6) to build an efficient quality pipeline. Additionally, you will hear a bit about testing a testing tool! Can you believe that Testkube is actually used for testing itself?