20 mln commits – stress testing git

The whole idea to check git’s performance came to me when I realized that Google has created its version control systems. I was not able to figure out exactly why, but I started wondering if it might be connected with git’s performance. Then, I started thinking about the limits of git. So … I started testing git. 20 million commits is still an overwhelming number. One of the biggest repositories (Linux kernel; was the reason why Linus Torvalds created git) has more than 1 million commits. Why not test git and myself with 20 times that amount? Why not? 🙂 I really would like to know if someday I would need to switch and leave my old friend git. Instead of looking at systems managing git repositories like GitHub, Gitlab, or Bitbucket, we will focus on Its core – git During the presentation I will show that even to test a strange and unusual system, like git, we would still use a similar approach as for regular application. It will be a fun adventure with examples of overcoming seemingly impossible-to-solve problems.