Have fun: use TTRPGs in your work

Experience in Tabletop Roleplaying games and Gamification can used in the daily work of the tester,. My hypothesis is: Testing the software is like the storytelling. We are already using the storytelling techniques in the software development on the daily basis: we are working with the epics, stories and scenarios. Here are some similarities between testing and storytelling: – is designed for risk mitigation (primary function of telling the stories is to provide the information about the risk), – have a structure as classic story, it have beginning, development and ending, – uses use cases, that can be interpreted as story about how to use the system, – uses artifacts(test data, test tools) and scenery (test environment, test phase), – uses actors like administrator, user, superuser with their own motivations and goals, – both storytelling and testing are used for improving the quality and learning. Please find under the following link: mind map.

In the introduction I will provide why and how we are telling the stories, and how our mind is built to listen to the stories and play games: – I will show how we can use our love in telling stories and build of our brain to motivate ourself and get better understanding of testing scope: – I will show by example how use the experience of the TTRPG in daily work: Hans the Super pilot, who I used to better test the software for pilots. – I will show how test data manipulation can be used for better testing and just having fan from testing. – I will show how to use client persona in order to map the main testing goals: what is important to the user and how she can – I will show how to use the storytelling in the test procedures (use a structure of the story as a framework for testing procedure) and defect reporting (crime scene investigation). At the end I will summarize the presentation. Testing is a story about the software quality, let’s have fun telling it.