Quality mindset – you don’t need QA in your team

Quality mind set in your team – you don’t need (dedicated) tester anymore. You do not have in your scrum team dedicated security engineer, you do not have dedicated UX professional, you do not have dedicated performance expert…. why do you need dedicated QA? How your team should look like? How to ensure quality? Do you have QA in your team? Do you have bugs on production? Why do you think that without QA you would have more of bugs on prod? (the link to presentation).

This presentation is dedicated for Test managers, Project managers and Scrum masters.
We do need to deliver business value to production. And we need to do it fast… Is it better to pass the delivered work to QA team, or do it right in the first place? Our teams must improve their working process to keep the velocity and quality of the delivery on a expected level.